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Fall  2018  Member  Premiums
New Member premium at any level
         Desk Smartphone Holder (grey and black)New Member premium at any level
         Desk Smartphone Holder (grey and black

$5 a month

        Best of Bizet  CD

        - OR -

        Desktop Smartphone Holder

$7.50 a month

        Mozart in the Morning  CD

        - OR -

        Best of Broadway CD

        - OR -

        2 WMNR Grocery Tote Bags (Navy Blue)

$10 a month  

          Sheku Kannah-Mason "Inspiration" Cello CD

          - OR -

          Bernstein conducts Brahms Syms.   CD

          - OR -

          Bernstein Young People's Broadcast 9 DVDs

          (limited quantities)

          - OR -

          WMNR  cream-colored Coffee Mug

          - OR - 

          WMNR Baseball Cap

$15 a month  

          Tony Bennett & Diana Krall - Gershwin  CD

          - OR -

          Essential Bach Collection  2 CDs

$20 a month 

         Ultimate Violin collection  5 CDs

          - OR -

          WMNR  Navy Blue Sweat Shirt - Specify:

          Medium,  Large,  or  Extra Large    

$30 a month

         Mozart Complete Syms. 12 CDs & DVD

          - OR -            

          WMNR  Navy  Fleece  Jacket - Specify:  

          Small,  Medium,  Large,  Extra Large

$50 a month

           Yo-Yo Ma Collection: solo, chamber music,

           Concertos and more with 15 CDs 


$83.33 a month  

            Birgit Nilsson Live Rrcordings 31 CDs

            - OR -

             The Great Conductors from the Deutsche

             Grammophon label 40  CDs

$200 a month 

             Leonard Bernstein Remastered

             Collection from Sony with 100 CDs